Top 10 Powerful Tips to Enhance Your Success as a Blogger (Part 2)

Welcome back guys, so this is the concluding part of the article where i have been discussing the Top 10 Most Powerful Tips to Enhance Your Success as a Blogger. 

In this part I will explain the last 5 tips and strategies that every blogger, both new and intermediary should employ so as to push towards being a successful blogger. If you haven’t read the first part of this article, please click here to read it now.

6: Study other successful blogs

In every industry, it is always a powerful strategy to study the competition, it is most times called “Competition Analysis”.

This is a very useful strategy that companies employ to understand the market better, know what the competition is doing right and doing wrong and use these knowledge to make decisions that will make them better than the competition.

This strategy is entirely useful in the blogging industry too, as a blogger you have to keep studying your competitors, watch what they are doing right and wrong, check what post types they are doing that is going viral for them, they layout, their content marketing strategy etc.

This will give you valuable insight of the market and enable you to make plans and changes to how you operate your blog and what to implement on your blog.

7: Build on what works

This is another very powerful strategy to grow your blog, it will never hurt you to try out new strategies on your site.

Experimenting is part of the entire process, try A & B testing with your ad placements, your subscription box placements, try a new post type (Videos, Q&As, interviews), try a guest post, try a poll.

Just keep experimenting, it won’t hurt you, it will only open up new potentials, and the good news is that you can abandon any strategy that is not working for you and only focus on the ones that actually work.

Check your analytics everyday, look for the type of content that gets the best engagement and traffic, make more of those types of content, see if those new content types gets more traffic, if they do, you can easily make them your anchor.

8: Innovate and expand your blog

Don’t be static with just textual content, you should try and create new content types like videos, podcasts, send newsletter to your subscribers, be active on industry forums and social media.

The goal is to make sure your blog doesn’t get boring by loading your audience with just articles every time, you can even go ahead and run a contest for your readers. Doing these will make them engage more and stick around longer.

They might even refer other people to your content, sometimes its best for your readers to do the promotion for you. But you need to have great resources on your blog to be able to allow this.

9: Monetize Effectively

The impact of effective monetization on your blog cannot be overemphasized. Monetizing your blog has so many positive impacts on the success of your blog that you can never come close to if you do not monetize.

There’s no doubt that, when you monetize your blog, it helps you to stay motivated and inspired to put more effort in creating high quality content, improve your content marketing strategy, and even outsource some of the work.

Monetizing your blog also helps you pay for premium tools that will skyrocket your blog traffic and even make the user experience very smooth and enjoyable. You will also be able to run ads and pay for your hosting services and any other services that you make use of.

This is no doubt better than bringing the money out of your own pocket every time, when you are not making any money from the blog. Sooner or later you will get tired, you will lose motivation to continue blogging and eventually the blog will die.

I’ve not even mentioned the fact that making money from your blog can make you quit your 9 to 5 job, travel the world as you like, enjoy your life to the fullest while you can work from virtually anywhere in the world.

As I stated earlier, you can even outsource the services of your blog, make your money work for you. Get people to write your content, others to run your social media handles and the likes.

Some of the best ways to monetize your blog include:

  • Sell your own digital products.
  • Display Advertising (Google AdSense)
  • Affiliate marketing Amazon Affiliates, Rakuten Affiliates, ShareASale etc.)
  • Coaching Services
  • In-demand Freelance Blogger
  • Develop and Sell digital courses and masterclasses
  • Sell E-books
  • Sell Subscription services
  • Join referral programs
  • Product reviews
  • Sponsored posts

Implement all these or a selected few, the goal is to not overwhelm yourself, while also making the best use of every opportunity you have.

10: Work on your bounce rate

This is one of the old strategies that you most probably never hear people tell you about. But it is just as important as any other strategy on this list. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your blog who exit your blog after reading just one post.

The goal is to have your blog visitors to spend more time on your blog, while reading different blog posts, clicking through from one post to the other, engaging with your content and ads, commenting and even subscribing.

That is why you have to set up your blog in such a way that people will feel immersed in it and never want to leave.

here are so many strategies you can employ, some of the easiest is to internally link your pages, tell your readers to visit the other page via the link.

Set up call-to-action buttons on your pages, these will help you reduce the rate at which visitors navigate away from your website.

Putting all these 10 tips and strategies to effect on your blog will seriously help you push your blog to become successful, so don’t wait any further, to start making these changes on your blog.

Here’s a link to the first part of this article, if you have not read it, make sure to click here to read it.

If you still have any questions or need any help please drop a comment below in the comment section, I will make sure to respond to everyone.



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