How I started Blogging: True Inspirational Story

How I started Blogging? Well, this is a question a whole lot of people have asked me over the years.

  • How did you start blogging?
  • Why did you start blogging?
  • What have you gained from blogging?
  • Why should I consider blogging?

All these are questions are what I will seek to answer as I explain my journey from a newbie blogger to a pro blogger making over 15k USD monthly. I am Laxx and here is my story.

Have you ever felt like, you just don’t fit in with 9 to 5 jobs or being bossed around my someone who doesn’t do as much work as you do? Well, if you ever have, you’re so welcome to the league that I belong.

As a student in my 100 level days, I knew I wasn’t in this university for to get a degree so I can search for a job and work 50 years of my life serving some guy, or worse still, the government; which I must say is the worst.

The government shits on its servants every time. Oh! Did I tell you I attended TASUED? Well yeah, that’s the University I attended and damn, that school ain’t easy.

So back to the story, I figured out very early that I needed to find a hustle that I can bank on, that I can put all my effort in and not feel bad about it, because I knew definitely that people around me, my parents, friends and family will come for me, after-all I was born into a family where almost everyone was employed, I mean employed by someone not self-employed which I am right now.

My dad was a design engineer that worked most of his life for PZ, climbed so high he became the second in command for the whole PZ, what happened lastly?

He was left in no man’s land when PZ wouldn’t allow him become the general manager, why? Because he is not the owner of PZ, while we all know PZ is owned by someone that aint my dad. Tragic.

My eldest brother, Oh, I just remembered, he is self-employed, owns one of the biggest perfume stores in Leeds, UK.

The second eldest, works for the NHS in the UK, he’s worked for Xerox, AOL, and the likes.

What I am trying to paint here is a picture of a family that has worked all their lives for others.

This is something I sought to end and not be a part of. In the words of Daenarys Targeryan: I south to break the wheel.

So, as early as my 100 level days, I had already started taking jobs on campus, helping other students learn academic stuff and helping out with tutorials and the likes, I also joined a business center as a business partner, we did so much of printing works, graphic design (very easy for me at that time since I was studying creative arts and majoring in advanced graphic).

So, I did that for about 4 years before I met a friend who changed my life entirely while I was in 400 level. But let me track back a bit, before I ever got admission to study creative arts, I had already been a tech freak all my life, dismantling and assembling PCs, talking to people about gadgets and how it works, I self-thought myself HTML and CSS, built some HTML sites back then as early as 2009. Basically, I was all in on the tech world.

I remember how everyone in my street used to revere me as the best geek in the neighborhood, back then they would bring their Java and Symbian phones to help configure and all.

I remember opening my first blog-spot in 2012, but I didn’t make much use of it, because I wasn’t fully aware of how to make good use of it along with monetization.

Fast forward to early 2014, I moved from home where I lived with my parents to live closer to campus where my very good friend, CJ lives.

This was a very easy decision for me cos I had grown tired of living with my parents while I should be enjoying the best of my University life, but this was also a very difficult decision for my parents, cos they always wanted me to stay with them. But making this decision changed the trajectory of my life for the best forever.

Few days after I moved in, someone knocked on my door, I asked who is that? He said Ninja? Ninja who? From where? Who you asking of? After-all I am new here, no one knows me and my roommate ain’t even resumed yet.

So ninja said he was asking for CJ. Oh, CJ aint resumed yet, Im his friend and roommate, you can call me Laxx.

So we shook hands and exchanged a few pleasantries. Ninja happens to be my neighbor next door, his room right opposite ours.

Ninja was also a 400 level student studying computer science, that’s not all, this guy is a social media influencer, twitter guru, pro blogger that was already making over 5k USD monthly from Google AdSense.

Of course I didn’t know all these until after a few weeks when we really got along and I noticed this guy was always on his laptop and phone working.

So, I got closer one day and saw his dashboard, I recognized it immediately, so I asked him, ninja, you a blogger? He affirmed and that was when everything changed.

The thing is, ninja isn’t very good at teaching people stuff, I can recall that on so many occasions I asked him to explain how blogger works and how I can make a whole lot of money from it.

But he never really broke it down to details for me, so what I did was to sit with him anytime he’s working and try to learn as much as possible by just watching him do what he does.

I must tell you, this guy is a beast, his work ethic is crazy, and so was his traffic.

I didn’t stop there, I knew I can learn more than I will ever pick up by just watching him, so what I did was to go on google and start searching for everything that concerns being a blogger.

From how to start a blog, through how to become a pro blogger to how how monetize your blog and make money from blogging.

I got tons of search results as you would anticipate, so what I did was to read a whole lot of these articles and also watch lots of video lessons and guides on YouTube.

This is how I picked up lots of experience and knowledge I have as a blogger today.

But the fact remains that, if I had not developed a friendly relationship with ninja, I might have not become a blogger today.

This also brings me to the point that, every blogger or digital entrepreneur should never ignore the opportunity to make new friends online and connect with other bloggers and digital entrepreneurs.

You will find out just how useful this was in my quest as a blogger, as I met another pro blogger and digipreneur in 2016 who also helped to change my course as a blogger for the better.

I will narrate further in the next part of “How I started Blogging”, making sure to answer the questions I set out to provide answers to at the beginning of this part.

If you enjoy my story so far and would like to be part of my blogosphere, please take a moment to subscribe to my blog below or leave a comment or question below, I promise to reply every comment.

Thanks for reading my story up until this point, click here to read the part 2 of how I started blogging


    • Thanks very much Abeeb. I can see you doing well also. Its just a matter of time.
      You have the spirit and the determination.


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