Monetization for Beginners: Why You Should Think of Monetizing Your Blog in 2020

There are thousands, if not millions of articles on the internet that discusses why and how to monetize your blog, if you are a blogger or an aspiring blogger, this article will enlighten you on why you should look to monetize your blog and how to go about it.

Most of the bloggers that I have met always tell me that they started blogging because they have the passion for creating content, from writing poetry to just filling up their diaries with daily life activities, they tend to pick up the love for creating content, which is why they decided to start a blog and publish their content online so that many more people can see it.

For some of us, that is not even the case; the case with us is that in blogging we saw an avenue to start a hustle and make money online. That was the purpose behind me ever starting a blog.

In this post I will discuss a few points that will give you an insight on why you should monetize your blog right away.

1: To fund your services

If you’re going to be a successful blogger, then you should understand that you have to be very professional with your blogging.

Your blog has to be hosted with the best CMS (Content Management System) available, you have to host your blog on a very fast server and with a TLD (Top Level Domain) for your site, you also have to use the best plugins and services like subscription services for your blog.

All these services and tools costs money to keep them running on a monthly basis. Even if you can afford to fund it from your own pocket, I must say the best way to fund all your tools and services is to make the money from your blog.

That is why you should think of your blog more like a business, you work towards making a profit from your blog while you input money into it to keep the services running effectively.

2: Keeps you motivated

If someone ever told you that blogging has no down sides and its always rosy, you better go back and tell them that they lied to you.

No doubt, blogging can be very challenging, when you start up a new blog, you will rarely get any traffic, if you are not very dedicated, you might lose hope in blogging.

The first few months will be the worst, people wont read your content, you have no name, no popularity and no clout at that stage, you might even get negative comments from the few readers that finds their way to your blog.

Experiencing these can make you lose motivation, but when you have a goal and a target to monetize your blog and make money from your content, you will feel motivated to not give up and keep plugging away.

When you make use of advertising platforms like google AdSense and you wake up in the morning to see that you have already made 100 USD, you will feel like putting out more great content so that the next day you can wake up to 150 USD.

3: Be financially independent

One of the most underrated reasons why you should monetize is your blog is this one.

Most people don’t even know that you can make so much money from blogging that you will quit that day job that you are currently doing and you can live a very free lifestyle, travel the world, enjoy exotic lifestyle, and even put people on payroll.

There are bloggers that are making up to 500k USD on a monthly basis, some even make more.

By monetizing your blog the right way, you will find it very truthful that you can also make thousands of dollars from your blog.

Some of the best methods to monetize your blog are discussed in this article here.

So if you have made up your mind to monetize your blog, the next question is “HOW?”

There are tons of ways to monetize your blog, Here’s a quick list:

  • Display Advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Coaching Services
  • In-demand Freelance Blogger
  • Develop and Sell digital courses
  • Sell E-books
  • Sell Digital Products
  • Sell Subscription services
  • Join referral programs
  • Product reviews
  • Sponsored posts

All these above mentioned are some of the most popular ways to monetize your blog, you can choose to implement a few of them and if you have lots of time on your hands, you can implement all of them together.

I hope this article has been helpful enough to convince you to monetize your blog. If you need help getting started with monetization or you have any questions or comments please reach out to me through the comment section of use the contact form on the contact page. Make sure to subscribe to this blog for more great content like this. Until next time, see you.s



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