How to Choose a Niche for you New Blog

Have you made up your mind to start a new blog? Then you have made a very good decision as blogging is a very lucrative industry that can help you become financially independent, while also working at your own pace during your free time.

The very next step now, is to choose your niche, which means to decide what your blog will be focused on. What exactly do you want to write about?

No doubt you can have a blog that focuses on many topics, I have seen many blogs that write about technology, entertainment, fitness, news, politics, celebrity gossip and the likes. This is not to discredit their efforts, but the fact is that majority of these kinds of blogs cannot be very very successful.

Doing multiple niches in one blog makes it difficult and even almost impossible for a blog to become an authority in any of those niches. This also results in lower rankings on search engines, which of course can make or even break a blog.

So, my best advice for you is to focus on a specific niche, define your target and be sure exactly what you want to write about on your blog.

So how do you do this? How do you find your own niche? In this article, I will explain in intricate details how you can choose your own niche and get started blogging.

If you have decided on a niche already, you can read this article to guide you on how to start a successful blog in 2020.

Choose a Niche you’re Passionate about

This is a very simple one, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, why should anyone listen to you, why should anyone read your content?

When you choose a niche that you are passionate about, you are most like to be very knowledgeable about it, and this sets a few things in motion.

1: You feel good about creating content based on topics you’re passionate about simply because you love it.

2: You are less likely t give up on blogging when you face challenges as a blogger.

3: You are more likely to be a wellspring of ideas since you will know a whole lot about the niche.

4: The more you learn about your niche, the more the content you are able to put out since you will most likely keep learning about latest developments in that niche because you are passionate about it.

5: It will show in your content that you are passionate about your niche and you know a lot about it. This alone can translate into loyalty from your readers.

Stacey Roberts at ProBlogger opines that:

“Something that seems present and that shines through in the blogs that I read and love is passion.”

No doubt, some bloggers have been successful in niches that they are not entirely passionate about. But that is mostly down to the fact that they are more experienced bloggers and might even have good capital to startup.

Other people will tell you that the niche you are passionate about might not be a very profitable niche and might not have a very large audience, this is true is some cases, but the fact remains that, you are more likely to be successful if you’re passionate about what you’re doing than just chasing the money.

How to find your passion:

So, you have decided to follow your passion, but now you need to know how to find your passion? Here’s a few tips for you:

1: What topics can you talk on and on about:

2: What are your hobbies and what do you enjoy doing for recreation?

3: Are you an expert or professional in any field?

4: What topics do you love reading about?

Make use of the list above to arrive at the niche you most likely have interest in, then you can think of several topics or simply google search for post titles in that niche. Write out up to 10 titles and see if you can create anything of your own (Up to 800 words) on those titles.

If you are successful at doing this, then you will most likely have another 20 titles flooding through, from those articles you have created.

If you are unable to create 10 articles on that niche, or you are finding it difficult to come up with ideas on what to write, then you should most likely think of another niche.

Find a weakness in the niche

After you have decided on which niche you want to focus on, you should now try to find a weak point in the niche.

The fact is, there are hundreds of millions of blogs on the internet and there’s most likely thousands or millions of blogs already on that niche you have chosen.

The good news is, no matter how many blogs currently write about that niche, there will always be some dark spots that no one has ever explored.

You have to find that dark spot and exploit it. For example, I started this blog because I get a whole lot of questions from my social media followers, friends and colleagues on how to start a successful blog. My goal is to answer their questions by writing a 1000 to 1500 words article on each and every question I get on social media.

In my experience the best way to enter any niche is to focus on those audience who rarely get attention, provide answers to their questions, you can also focus on beginners in that niche.

Do your Keyword Research

Most people tend to ignore this aspect of blogging because they think they have ideas in their heads and they can write lots of content, or simply because they are lazy.

My advice is that, once you have chosen a niche, you have to do a keyword research to find the most popular keywords in that niche.

See, its a fact, no matter how narrow your niche is, it will still be so broad that you might be overwhelmed by the amount of categories under that niche.

When you carry out a keyword research on that niche, you will not only help yourself to narrow down your topics and content types to the topics you are most knowledgeable and experienced on, you will also be providing yourself with better search engine optimization and even possibility of higher revenue if you make use of monetization platforms like Google AdSense.

If after implementing all these strategies I have explained above, you still find it difficult to choose your niche, then you should probably look at another industry and not blogging, or better still just reach out to me via the comment section below or send a mail via the contact form on the contact page and I will try and help you in deciding which niche is best for you.

I have written several articles on how to start a blog successfully, please click here to read the first part in a series of 3, where I explained thoroughly, 10 tips on how to start a successful blog.



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