How to Build your Domain Authority

One of the most important factors in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and content marketing is “Domain Authority”.

It is one of the key factors that search engines use to rank websites in search results. Domain Authority is a metric which was developed by Moz, a SaaS company, as a tool for rating websites on a scale of 1-100.

The higher the score, the higher the domain authority of a website, which also mean the higher the website will rank in search engines.

Don’t view domain authority score as a result of your website’s SEO efforts, instead it should be viewed as a metric for comparing competition between websites.

This means that if your website has a higher domain authority score than the website of your competitor, your website will rank higher in search engine results.

There is no short path to Domain Authority so you have to consider it as a long term brand goal.

The best approach is to remain very patient while you implement carefully planned educated strategies to build your authority and cement your place as an expert in your industry.

Here are 5 tips to build your website’s domain authority

1: Develop an effective Content Strategy

Content marketing is definitely an effective method to develop you website authority, that is why you need to have a carefully planned content strategy from the get go.

The way you plan your content will determine your results, so if you plan it ineffectively, then you can expect shambolic results.

Here are some of the benefits of having a great content strategy.

  • Makes you consistent and accountable.
  • It makes your content creation and marketing very organized as you would have predetermined your tools, niche, topics, networks, keywords e.t.c
  • It helps you to create great valuable content that your audience will find useful, while also guiding you on how, when and where to promote in to reach the maximum possible audience.

If you don’t have a good content strategy, it will be very difficult for you to develop you domain authority, so before you jump into content marketing to develop your website, make sure you have a well planned out content strategy in place.

2: Create value-added, useful and helpful content.

Nobody wants to waste time reading a content that will give them no value online.

Don’t just create attractive content only to have loose valueless content. For every second a reader spends reading your content, they have to be rewarded for it with information that will be useful in their lives.

That is why it is always a great idea to share expert knowledge. It might be a guide on how to solve a problem or how to make things happen.

People search online everyday for content that can help them cater for themselves or solve problems. This should be your target.

Sharing your expert knowledge should also be done without any hidden agenda, even though the ultimate goal is to build a website authority, you primary goal should be to help people, the authority comes as a reward for your good service.

3: Connect in your industry communities

Connect and follow others in your industry, read, comment and subscribe to the their blogs, follow them on social media, participate is discussions that relates to your industry.

Post great content on social networks regularly, trust me this is where most of your audience are based.

Connect and interact with them reasonably. By participating in your industry’s communities, you will be putting your name out there, where just about anybody can see it, you will also be giving normal community members that feeling that your brand is friendly and approachable.

By doing these you will be building that trust in the minds of your audience.

When you post to social media, don’t excessively self-promote, try to post more of short content that are industry related than links linking back to your blog

here’s larry kim on twitter. He posts this type of industry related content almost everyday.

4: Create long content

Search engines love content with lots of information, content that deals with a topic in-depth.

Endeavor to create long in-depth content that has lots of value. This type of content does not only give you the real estate to express your expert knowledge in details, it also gives you the right avenue to make use of more keywords, both long-tail and short-tail while also allowing you to link out effectively with both external links and internal links.

5: Focus on niche specific narrow topics

Many bloggers always fall into the trap of trying create content based on a wide range of topics, hoping this will help them become relevant.

But the reverse is the case, when you discuss an array of topics especially when they are not related, you tend to give your readers the perception that you are just a jack of all trade and master of none.

The best approach to earn your authority is to focus on topics in just one niche. Learn about your niche and develop your skills in it, become a master in that niche and create unique valuable content in that niche.

By doing this, your readers will have that trust in you that they can come to your website anytime they feel like and find relevant content based on your specific niche alone.

You should create content withing the scope of your niche and create “cornerstone or pillar pages”, where covering all the sub-topics in that niche you are focusing on.

A pillar page can be a simple “State Here” page that branches out to all your other content.

It’s link should appear at the top of every page on your blog, and you should constantly update it to reflect new developments and link out to other content on your website.


You should always have it somewhere in your mind that building domain authority is a long-term hustle.

You can’t just build domain authority in one day, if doesn’t happen overnight. You have to stay consistent for months into years, and it even even becomes a greater job when you have domain authority, because then, you don’t want to lose the authority you have achieved by relenting in the face of very stiff competition.


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