Affiliate Marketing for Total Beginners: Affiliate Marketing Explained in Details

One of the major reasons many bloggers have quit blogging so early is because they have not been able to make any revenue from their blogs. This is no doubt a morale killer.

That is why I always strive to quickly introduce monetization to my students so they don’t lose the burning desire while just getting started.

In this new series, I will be discussing in very intricate details everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, how to get started and how to start making reasonable income from affiliate marketing as soon as possible.

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How to become an Affiliate Marketer

As a blogger or publisher, you will signup with an affiliate network that links you with the marketer, merchant, producer, or retailer of products in your niche.

Then you get unique tracking links for the products you choose to promote.

You will go back to your blog and social media to promote the link to your audience in any way you deem fit.

When an audience clicks on the affiliate link you have promoted to them, a click will be recorded for that link.

When the viewer buys the product from that website, you will get paid a certain predetermined commision.

Most commissions range between 4 to 15% of the product price, and some are even higher than that.

There are also some products or services that have fixed prices. So, imagine you chose to Promote a Teflon pot on your food recipes blog. The pot has a 9% commission and the pot is 120 USD.

When you make a successful sale of a pot, you will be paid a 10.8 USD commission.

Depending on your niche, you can get products going as high as 20k USD with very high commissions.

Types of Affiliate Marketing Products

There are 2 types of products in affiliate marketing.

The High ticket and low ticket.

The High Ticket products are products that are very expensive and require you to do a whole lot of work, from getting the lead, to actually making a real sale.

Most times you have to stay in contact with the buyer to totally convince them to buy the product…

This type of affiliate marketing is for top professionals.

Some examples of this are real estate, automobiles, expensive jewelries, etc.

A single sale of a house costing 500k USD at 20% commission can earn you 100k USD as an affiliate marketer.

With just one sale you can beat a year’s worth of sales a low ticket affiliate marketer has made.

On the other hand, low ticket affiliate marketing products involve sales of relatively cheap products that move very fast.

There are millions of products and services to choose from in this type of AM. They have low commissions, mainly between 4-15% but in a day you can make thousands of sales, depending on how big your audience is.

How does Affiliate Marketing Work

Lets go back a bit and explain some things for better understanding.

Affiliate Marketing is a form of marketing that spreads the responsibilities of marketing from production to consumption between 3 parties.

To make Affiliate marketing work effectively, three different parties must be involved in the entire process:

  1. Seller and product creators.
  2. The affiliate or advertiser.
  3. The consumer.

1: Seller and product creators.

Can be anybody, small or big business, company, or enterprise who creates products and or services to sell to the consumer.

Normally the Seller and product creators are able to market their product to their consumers making use of other marketing strategies at their disposal.

But Affiliate marketing gives the seller a very effective way of selling their products without having to use traditional marketing strategies as we know them.

In affiliate marketing, the seller can take a back seat after they’ve set up their affiliate program.

They’ll wait for the publishers to join their program, get the links, promote the products, and drive sales for the merchant.

Then the seller just takes the money and gives the publisher his share. Thats it, job done.

2: The affiliate or publisher.

This can be an individual like me and you that are trying to make money with our blogs, or even a business or company that markets products in an appealing way to the consumers.

As I have explained before, the affiliate marketer promotes the products or services to their audience or their own customers. Then get a share from the sale from the seller

This highlights the point that you might have missed.

You can actually create an e-commerce website that is entirely based on affiliate marketing.

I have a specific blog that has a shop in it, 200+ affiliate products have already been added to the shop. I don’t have any inventory. I only promote the shop to my Pinterest audience.

The products in that shop are specifically targeted at Pinterest audience. That’s how I make about 30% of my affiliate sales.

3: The consumer.

This is the heart of any business and it’s not different with affiliate marketing. The seller can treat the affiliate like shit, the affiliate can hate on the seller and move to another program.

But the audience or consumer will always be cherished because they are at the heart of the business. When the consumer buys, the seller and affiliate are happy as they share the money.

As Publishers, we are obligated to unequivocally make the consumer aware that we are not the seller of the product or service we are asking them to buy, but we will get a commission when they buy it.

Revealed my first Affiliate marketing secret right there.

The second secret is that, I don’t care about the disclosure obligation in my shop.

In my shop, the consumer is totally oblivious of the fact that this is an affiliate sale until they reach the seller’s page. Then, going back is already difficult because they are now closer to making the purchase than walking away simply because I didn’t tell them I will get a commission.

Affiliate marketing is so sweet because it cuts out all the hassles of creating a new product yourself, especially when you just want to increase your own revenue rather than starting a full business of your own.

Many small eCommerce sites even have their own affiliate marketing programs where they give commissions for publishers to sell their products.

I will be continuing this series in another post where we will dig deeper into affiliate marketing and how to make your first sales up to your first 1000 USD.

If you stick around, I will be revealing a top secret that I use to make lots of money from selling affiliate products through Pinterest.

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