10 Tested & Trusted Tips & Strategies on How To Start A Successful Blog (Part 3)

Welcome back guys, so this is the last and concluding part in the series where I have been discussing 10 Tested and trusted tips and strategies on how to start a successful blog. You can read the first part by clicking here and the second part by clicking here.

Make Use of Different Post Types:

Creating same type of content all the time will eventually bore your readers and they will leave.

You should always try to mix your subsequent content with a variety of styles. You can create a video content this week and next week you are doing a product review, or even interviews with authorities in your niche, you can also make the next post be how-to’s, tutorials or just a give away.

You can checkout other blogs in your niche to see what post types they are doing and getting users engaged with, then you can copy those post types and start creating such content.

You can also use a site like Buzzsumo to get the stats of on trending posts on other blogs based on their likes, comments and shares.

That way you can be sure which post types are doing well and you can start giving these to your own readers too.

Publish Blog Posts on a Regular Schedule:

All successful bloggers will tell you that if you want to gain a good following, then you have to keep publishing great unique content on a regular basis.

When you publish on a schedule, you are most likely going to have loyal followers and readers who are always expecting your latest blog posts to be delivered at a specific time.

It is a good thing to publish lots of good content, but it is best to keep a schedule for these publications.

You can actually schedule your post publications with different post types. For example, you can decide to publish your interview posts on Wednesdays every week or every fortnight, while you publish how-to’s every Saturdays.

By doing this you make your readers anticipate the next publication while also maintaining a good relationship with them, since your posts wont be spamming them.

That is not to say if you have a lot of content you should not publish at will, you can, but if you want your best performing post types to do better, then it is best to publish it on a schedule.

Engage with your Audience:

Engaging with your audience will provide you with a lot of opportunities. By engaging with your readers you will be able to get valuable insights into what they really want and how they want it.

You will be able to find out what they feel about your blog, their expectations and hopes, their like and their dislikes.

This will be valuable data for you to work with so as to provide better content for them and shape the progress of your blog.

Many bloggers prefer to take a subtle position with readers’ comments and just read without engaging them, this is not a bad idea if you do not have much time to spare.

But when you read and engage these comments, you will actually be giving your audience another reason to trust you, you might even make a few connections and they will totally love the fact that you even replied them, which will make them to comment more often and share their thoughts. Before you know it, your comment section could be turning into a mini-forum.

You cannot just expect readers to comment though, you have to call them to action, always include a clear invitation at the end of your posts.

Tell them you would love to hear from them and you will happily answer their questions if they ask any. This will give them the right nudge to comment.

You also have to make sure it is not tasking to drop a comment on your blog, make it very easy by removing any hurdles like signup before commenting or admin manually approving comments.

We all know lots of spammers will take advantage when commenting is too easy, that is why it is also best to have a plugin like Akismet anti-spam to help you filter the spam out and allow only the best unique comments.

If you don’t have time on your hands, you can also seek the help of a friend or family to help you monitor the comments on your blog.

Promotion Promotion Promotion:

The best way to jump start your blog is to promote, the best way to grow your blog is to promote, the best way to keep your successful blog growing is to always promote. The importance of promoting your blog can never be overemphasized.

As a new blogger, you have to take your content to your audience because it will be very difficult for them to find you.

It is your job to let them know you exist. Your audience will not just find you and become a follower, you have to show them why they should be your follower, you have to constantly invite them to come read your blog posts by promoting to them constantly.

There are tons of ways to promote your blog, but the some of the best ways to promote your blog are:
1: Social Media Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flipboard, Reddit, Pinterest e.t.c)
2: E-courses & E-books
3: Guest Blogging
4: Youtube Videos
5: Podcasting and Guest Podcast Interviews
6: Newsletters and Mailing lists
7: Blog Feeds
8: Paid Advertising

You have to find the perfect blend of implementing all these media so as to reach the widest possible audience.

The best way to start is to make use of social media platforms to push your initial traffic, I specifically love Pinterest as a traffic source, I was able to drive over 300k monthly traffic to one of my blogs without spending a dime.

You can learn how to create, optimize and use Pinterest to drive web traffic. You should also make use of Facebook pages and groups and if you have some money to spend as capital, you can boost your posts of Facebook and promote your pins on Pinterest to reach a wider audience.

My next post will be discussing how to create and optimize your pinterest page and also how to create pins and drive massive traffic from pinterest. So watch out for that post.

You should also keep stalking other successful blogs in your niche to find out how they are promoting their blogs, subscribe to their newsletters, follow their social media pages and always study their promotion strategy.

This will only increase your chances of getting better at promoting your blog.


Except you have lots of money to spare or you just don’t need money, then you should know that monetizing your blog is imperative as it will provide you with the funds to keep your blog running by paying for all the necessary products and services you need to effectively run your blog, like Hosting services and premium plugins.

Apart from that, it is also a way to stay motivated, when you are making money with blog, there is no doubt that you will feel motivated to keep creating more content so as to make even more money.

So it is a win-win when you monetize your blog. There are so many ways to monetize your blog today, unlike in the past when monetizing was quite limited to displaying banner + link ads and affiliate marketing.

These days there are so many methods to monetize your blog that you will absolutely love as they will bring you more earnings, they will also be self-defined by you, which means you have full control over them.

When your readers trust you, they will be highly willing to pay for:
1: E-books with expert guides, tricks and tips providing how-to and expert knowledge
2: Online courses, masterclasses, webinars created by expert bloggers
3: Access to special communities
4: Podcasts
5: Sell Profession Services
6: Sell Graphics & Digital Art
7: Photography
8: Audio & Music

The first step you have to take if you want to make use of the above stated monetization methods is to first earn the trust of your audience.

Provide them with good valuable content consistently, engage with them while you learn how to implement these methods, once you have learnt well enough, then implement them one at a time.

Make sure to always measure and analyze the performance regularly and make necessary optimizations and changes when necessary.


Take the first step, don’t just read blog posts on how to create a successful blog or watch videos and google expert tips and tricks on how to start a successful blog.

Take that first step and get started, take motivation from other bloggers that have been successful at it.

Tell yourself you can do it too and you will do it too. Choose your niche, buy your domain, host your site and start creating.

Stay consistent at it and promote aggressively without spamming. In a few months they results will start wowing you and you will thank yourself for starting up when you did.

Blogging is not dead, neither is it dying, infact it keeps growing by the day and more and more people are out there searching queries and expecting to find an article that will answer their questions, it’s time for your to get in their faces, it’s time for you to start a successful blog too.

Implement these expert tips that I have in this blog post and you will on your way to being a successful blogger.

If you still need more tips, help, guidance or have any questions at all, then please drop a comment in the comment section and I will reply you ASAP, you can also make use of the contact form on the contact page to mail me directly and I will respond to you. I am looking forward to having a chat with you.

Make sure to read the 2 previous parts of this series to fully understand how to get started with creating your own blog and driving it to success. You can read the first part by clicking here and the second part by clicking here.


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