10 Tested & Trusted Tips & Strategies on How To Start A Successful Blog (Part 1)

It is no secret that everyone wants to be successful at whatever they do, even though not everyone who has started something knows how to be successful at it or if they will be successful at it.

But in my knowledge, effective planning and taking educated risks are some of the factors that determine if a business will be successful or not.

So, let me guess, you have started a blog, or you are about to start a blog, but you need to be sure if this is right for you of if you should do it and how to start a successful blog?

If these are your concerns today, then this is the right post to guide you on how to start a successful blog that will not only make you good money, but will also be authoritative in your niche.

Blogging can give you access to vast business opportunities, even if you are a beginner blogger trying to find your way up or an established business. The potentials are very vast.

It is also a way for you to help people by sharing your will see in this post here. The difficult part is how to start a successful blog.

In this new series of articles, I will be explaining in full details how you can start your own blog from scratch and be successful at  running it effectively.

Choose a Niche you have Passion for:

Every blogger has their own reasons for starting a blog. Some people want to make money, while some people just want to be famous, so they can have lots of followers and some people want to actually start a successful business online.

I always tell my friends and clients, if you want to build a very successful blog that will become authoritative and also stand the test of time, then you need to choose a niche that you are very passionate about.

It might not even be a topic that you are an expert in, even though it is a good thing to be well-knowledgeable or be a pro about your topic, but a whole lot of successful bloggers are actually focusing on topics they have passion for.

As a blogger, you have to keep learning and keep revolving and making researches to be able to provide your audience with the best content on your niche.

You will need to read other blogs, read books and watch videos, carry out tests and stay on top of the latest trends in your niche so that you can deliver the best information to your blog’s audience in the most unique way.

The truth is, if you are not very passionate about your niche, you will find it hard to do all these, you will be lacking behind and sometimes or most times you will lose interest in creating content, thereby leading to a gradual depreciation of your blog.

As a blogger you want your audience to stick around and fall in love with your blog. If you are not passionate about your niche, you wont be able to add all the spices needed to your content to make sure your audience are always yearning for more and more.

Research your Niche:

As much as you have to be very passionate about your niche, it just wont be enough. You also have to do a lot of research about your niche.

Do a google search and find out successful blogs that are already in your niche and check out how what they are doing and how they are doing it.

This will give you a basis to plan your blog on, it will reveal the feasibility of your niche and give you a consistent idea of how to develop your blog and become successful at it.

A lot of beginner bloggers I have talked to, always have the idea that a niche that is highly competitive or maybe saturated is a No-go area for newbie bloggers, but I always tell them the positives of a highly competitive niche outweighs the negatives by far.

Competition is what drives advancement and rapid development. As long as you don’t sit back and become lazy, you should always be cooking up new ideas and strategies to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Take the smartphone industry as an example. Samsung vs Apple vs Huawei.

These 3 companies are always bringing the latest advancements to their flagships so as to stay ahead of the competition, yet that doesn’t mean they do no work with each other, Samsung creates screens for apple.

This brings me to another point, the blogosphere is a network of blogs, you can develop working relationships with other bloggers in your niche, who on a normal day you would have considered as a competition, but developing working relationships with them means you can both learn one thing or the other fro each other while also promoting each other’s blogs.

Get Technical:

After choosing and researching your niche, its time for the technical aspect. Now you need to set up your blog by following these steps:
1: Purchase a good domain:
2: Choose a CMS (Content Management System)
3: Choose a hosting service and host your domain
4: Plan your blog appearance
5: Design your blog
6: Create signup forms for newsletters
7: Start creating content
8: Start promoting your blog

See this guide to learn how to start a blog on your own.

This is the first part in the new series How To Start A Successful Blog, you can click here to read the second part of the series where I continue to explain the steps you have to take when you’re starting your new blog.



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