10 Powerful Tips to Enhance Your Success as a Blogger

Ultimately, the primary purpose of starting a blog is to have a successful blog, even if you don’t monetize your blog, you still feel the desire to have lots of audience and loyal followers that subscribe to your blog and are always anticipating your next piece, always commenting and sticking with you along the way.

This is infact the type of success that blogging is all about. When you monetize you open new doors of success for your web property.

Even though all I have stated above is the ultimate goal, we will all agree that it is not quite easy to get this much needed success as a blogger.

There’s so much competition in the blogosphere that if you ain’t getting things right, you might just feel overwhelmed and less inspired to continue blogging.

It doesn’t matter how long you have started your blog or even why you started your blog, if you are able to make these changes in your modus operandi and your attitude towards running your blog, you will have a much bigger chance of achieving success with your blog.

Below are the Top 10 Most Powerful Tips to Enhance Your Success as a Blogger

1: Find your Niche

Almost every blogger on the internet will tell you this. You have to discover your niche and focus on it. This is probably the oldest advice in terms of starting and running a blog successfully.

Most beginner bloggers don’t really know how valuable this piece of advice is, not like I blame them, when I also started blogging, I didn’t focus on a specific niche, simply because I just didn’t know what a niche really meant.

It was after a long time blogging with very little success that I later discovered why I should have found my passion and focused on my niche.

So you may be asking, what is a niche? Niche is defined as: a comfortable, suitable or profitable position in life or employment.

So by finding your niche, you are simply defining what aspect of life or industry your blog focuses on, this will define the type of content you create and also your target audience.

Finding your niche also makes it easy for you to gain loyal followers since they will have it in their mind that you are most likely a specialist in the field you blog about.

They will also find it easy to come to your blog whenever they feel the need for your content, since whats your readers really want is an archive of interrelated articles on the same topic that are helpful and can provide solutions to the problems they have.

Some of the most popular niches are:

  • Technology
  • Finance
  • DIY
  • Fitness
  • Food
  • Crafts
  • Home Decor
  • Parenting
  • Travel Blog

These are great examples of niches that you can focus on. The fact is that, all these niches are very competitive because they are what I call “Macro Niches”.

A Macro Niche is the top level category of the industry, it is like an umbrella under which there are tons of “Micro Niches”. A micro niche is even more specific to a particular topic but it is still classified under the Macro Niche.

Example of Macro Niche is Technology, while under technology you have “Artificial Intelligence”, “Mobile Technology” etc. These are examples of micro niches.

The more micro you go with your blog, the more you get rid of competition and earn very loyal followers.

2: Create High Quality Content

You might have heard or read this like a thousand times that “Content is King”, this is a fact. Content is the life and soul of blogging. Without content you can’t have a blog.

Fact is, without quality content, your blog is not going to fly. You must put all your effort into creating very interesting and engaging content that will pull your readers in and have them fully immersed into the picture you are painting for them.

You can have the best content marketing strategy and even funds to promote your content, but if your content is not well created and of high quality, all your efforts will go to waste.

Fact is, readers may visit your blog because you have good marketing strategy, but it is good content that will make them stay, subscribe, engage, and return at a latter time.

3: Carry out Keyword Research

Over the past 3 years I have come to realize the importance of carrying out effective keyword research before writing each and every piece of content. Keywords are phrases that are mostly searched by users on search engines.

A major advantage of using keywords in your content is that it helps your content rank on search engine results.

But that’s not all, if you are making use of monetization platforms like Google AdSense, having quality keywords embedded inside your content will help you increase your revenue by displaying high CPC adverts on your blog, this translates to higher CPC, CTR and RPM.

4: Go all out and Self-Promote

Many bloggers feel shy to promote their blogs among their friends and on social media, simply because they feel that people might find it intimidating or call it bragging.

But the truth is, you just have to look away and promote-your content. If you want something done right, it is always best to do it yourself.

Use your social media to promote your content, tell your friends about it. Most social media enthusiasts will advice that you should promote other people’s content 80% of the time and yours just 20% of the time.

Well, its not a bad idea since you might not always have the perfect content that people want to see, but other people might have it. Promote theirs, and when it gains clout and engagement, you can promote your own content under it. There’s no policy restricting you from promoting your content how you wish.

5: Keep Learning, Unlearning and Relearning

This will go down as one of the most powerful tips you will learn today. The industry is always changing, everything is ever evolving and every day new tools and ideas come up.

While new tools, strategies and ideas are developed every now and then, some other tools and strategies become obsolete.

This is why as a blogger you have to stay ontop of the industry, you have to keep learning how to make use of the new tools and strategies out there.

Sometime back, there was nothing like Viral Hacking in the blogging industry. Today, viral hacking is one of the most popular strategies to get massive shares and traffic to your content for free in the shortest possible time.

You have to keep learning how to make use of these new tools and strategies while also leaving the old ones to the past.

These are the first 5 tips and strategies that you should look to implement as a blogger even if you’re new or an intermediary blogger.

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